Summer Art Camp – Age 8-10 and 11-14 – Hockessin DE

2017 Class Schedule and Descriptions

We offer full day (9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) classes for children of ages 8 to 10 and 11 to 14.  Although class names may be identical for both age groups, the content is adjusted to be age appropriate.

Have younger children?  See the Class Schedule and Descriptions for 2017 Summer Camp for Ages 4-5 and Ages 6-7

Summer Camp Classes: Week 1 (June 12 to 16)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class Wacky Fish


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Dive under the sea to the watery world of fish!  Create imaginary fish characters sporting bands of color, mesmerizing eyes, glorious fins, shimmering lips, and lots of whimsy.  Learn about fish, observe fish swimming in their watery environment, and discover the basics for sketching favorite characters.  Begin a journal full of ideas  – shapes, characters, eyes, color combinations and more.  Sketch whimsical fish, build up imaginative backgrounds and add layers of  texture using acrylic paints, inks, Neocolor crayons and more!  Print with Gelli plates, collage, use mark making tools…and even hands…while delving into the whimsical undersea world.  Take home a ready to hang fish portrait full of personality, vivid color and pizazz!

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 2 (June 19 to 23)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class Gourds Galore! Gourds Galore!


Instructors: Holly Burnett & Tracey Simmonds

Kettle gourds??? Absolutely!!! Create a colorful paisley chicken, hen or rooster, with only a dried kettle gourd. Use favorite colors to create a whimsical palette. Add paisley designs sporting dots and flowers to create whimsical and striking details. Fashion the wattle, beak and comb from Sculpey clay. Then the fun begins. Embellish with sparkling jewels, wire-rimmed glasses, flowers, chic necklaces and more! There’s never been a more sophisticated bird! Escort it home…but not to the hen house…it’s too elegant and refined!

Turn a plain gourd bowl into a masterpiece through the magic of alcohol inks! Watch in amazement as the inks create a vibrant, polished stone appearance. Learn tricks for creating with inks on gourds and create a journal of ink colors. Experiment with favorite color palettes, make leaf prints and swirls, and create luminous highlights with metallic inks. Take home a stunning, vibrant creation! It’s going to be a “gourd-tastic” week!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 3 (June 26 to 30)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: Amazing Inks and Doodles CLASS IS FULL: Amazing Inks and Doodles


Instructors: Tracey Simmonds & Jen Wojnar

Explore the magic of alcohol inks! Learn new techniques for painting with alcohol inks and watch in amazement as the brilliant inks transform wood into an amazing work of art. Bring a picture of a favorite subject to the first class for inspiration: plants, leaves, sea horse, cars, planes, or even pets. Transfer the picture to the panel and watch the magic begin. Mask the image, create the background using the flow technique and learn the detail brush technique to paint the subject in vibrant colors. Take home an exquisite masterpiece ready to hang.

Continue on to a doodling adventure with acrylics on wood. Create a notebook of favorite doodles – leaves, flowers, dots, dashes or paisleys and experiment with favorite colors, shades and tints. Then plan an acrylic doodle design to grace a slender wooden panel. Use a favorite color palette and create floral doodles, gigantic waves, sizzling flames, intricate swirls, or trees adorned with doodles. Embellish with dots, lines, squiggles and more. Take home a unique work of art ready to hang and enjoy.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 4 (July 5 to 7)

Note: This is a 4 day week.

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning The Patriotic Jewelry Box Star-Studded Prints
Afternoon Star-Studded Prints The Patriotic Jewelry Box


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Celebrate the 4th of July! Design jewelry that dazzles in red, white and blue! Learn to use the tools of the trade and experiment with new techniques to create original jewelry. Lay out a design, work with color, and string glass beads of all sizes and shapes for a one of a kind necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Create embellishments using Sculpey clay, wire, paper beads, buttons and more! Complete the week with a jewelry organizer sporting
a pop of color. Enjoy the compliments! People will be amazed!


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Keep celebrating!  Learn to create monoprints without a press.  Grab a brayer and layer acrylic paint on a gel printing plate from Gelli Arts®.  Create unique prints bursting with vibrant colors and texture…and even red, white and blue.  Use mark making tools, create original stamps and stencils, and print with masks.  Learn how to make colorful image transfers and fashion prints for a colorful art journal.  Frame a favorite print and take home a portfolio of monoprints that sizzle.  Warning!  It’s impossible to stop printing!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 5 (July 10 to 14)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning CLASS IS FULL**: Threads of Sew Many Colors* CLASS IS FULL**: Pods A-Blazin’
Afternoon CLASS IS FULL**: Pods A-Blazin’ CLASS IS FULL**: Threads of Sew Many Colors*

** This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Spools of red thread, green, yellow and blue! Needles, pins, measuring tapes too! Jump right in and sew! Learn sewing machine basics, all about fabric and notions needed for successful projects and how to sew straight lines in a new and easy way. Learn to create patterns and start sewing! Create a pillow soft enough for snuggles along with an original designed stuffed animal ready to cuddle. Finish a tote bag to hold art supplies and an artist’s smock complete with pocket. Make projects come alive while mastering sewing basics. It’s going to be “sew” much fun!
*This class is limited to 8 students.


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Doodles, Colors, Shapes, Pods!  Let’s paint!  Venture into the mixed media world of doodled pods floating on layers of color and texture.  Play in art journals to experiment with color palettes,  record ideas for inspiration and practice techniques and doodle designs.  Experiment with background layering techniques, use mark making tools for texture, and add mixed media elements for interest.  Complete this creative canvas with playful circle and flower pods brimming with doodles.  Take home a color filled canvas swimming with “personality popping pods”.  Hang it with pride and wait for the compliments.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 6 (July 17 to 21)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning CLASS IS FULL**: Crochet & Sew Beyond the Tide Shiver Me Timbers!*
Afternoon Shiver Me Timbers!* Crochet & Sew Beyond the Tide

** This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Stacey Hallman

Set out on a crochet and hand sewing adventure with a beachy sea twist.  Learn basic hand sewing and crochet stitches and start creating!  Stitch a fleece mermaid or shark tail to snuggle in for toasty warmth on cool beach nights.  Dress up flip flop straps with snazzy crochet stitches and create embellishments for real zing!  Make a crocheted ring in beachy colors, a whimsical stuffed octopus and even a bookmark for beach reading.  What could be more relaxing?


Instructor: Tom Cofran

Ahoy, Mateys! Venture to the briny deep in this swashbuckling adventure. Arrive dressed as a pirate, create accessories to complete the look, and speak Pirate lingo. Learn about real pirates that sailed the Delaware coast, local legends of buried treasure, and the pirates of Howard Pyle and N.C. Wyeth. Build a treasure chest and design a treasure map to lead to the buried loot. Paint and embellish a pirate ship complete with sails and the jolly roger flag and walk the plank. Don’t worry. It’s all fun!*

*Please be advised that this swashbuckling week will be enhanced with movies about pirates.  Students will be watching excerpts from Pirates of the Caribbean as well as Treasure Island and Swiss Family Robinson, etc.  Your permission is requested to make sure all are comfortable with the movies shown.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 7 (July 24 to 28)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class  The Faeries Amazing New York City Adventure The Faeries Amazing New York City Adventure



Instructors: Lianne Covington, Delma Williamson, & Diane Humphrys

Broadway, Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park! The faeries are in New York City living amid the stately skyscrapers and hustle and bustle of a city that never sleeps. Spend the week immersed in city life while designing a skyscraper that any faerie would love. Create the architectural exterior of the building and an amazing skyline behind it. Design a ground level store – fashion boutique, pet store, jewelry shop or even an art studio – just for the faerie’s shopping pleasure. Stock it with all the things needed for a successful business to thrive…rugs, furniture, lighting, merchandise…ambiance! Then, head upstairs to fashion a home any faerie would be proud to own. Create a comfy living space, kitchen and a soft bed to jump into after a hard day at work. Don’t forget the soft rugs to keep their feet warm. Climb up higher and design and construct a rooftop garden that is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Add a stone wall, mosaic floor, trees, plants, lounge furniture and more. What could be more relaxing than sitting in a rooftop oasis gazing at a dazzling skyline? How exciting to be living in The Big Apple in the best skyscraper ever!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 8 (July 31 to August 4)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class Rolling Monsters & Stained Glass Adventure Rolling Monsters & Stained Glass Adventure


Instructors: Holly Burnett & Tom Cofran

It’s a dinosaur! It’s a dragon! Nope! It’s a monster that rolls! Venture into the world of crazy, creative monsters fashioned from toy cars, trucks, trains and planes! Use the vehicle as an armature, add papier-mâché, plaster, and paint to create rolling creatures with personality and pizazz! Embellish with feathers, outrageous hair, wild eyes, dazzling teeth and curled tongues. Take them out for a spin to meet the other monsters. Don’t worry. Only friendly monsters allowed!

Leave the monsters and head into the workshop to create and build! Plan and construct a wooden frame to cradle a faux stained glass creation. Learn about stained glass and three different techniques to replicate the look. Work with glitter glue and food coloring to create brilliant pops of color with fine line designs and experiment with tissue paper shapes and Mod Podge® to mimic the shine of stained glass. Next, plan and create a simple original design, apply faux lead, and use glass paint to create a panel of vibrant color and texture. Display proudly in the handcrafted frame. Take home three framed pieces to hang and enjoy the sparkle of “stained” glass.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 9 (August 7 to 11)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: Whimsical Animals*


Instructor: Jo-ann Shiley

Purple mane, magenta eyelashes, multicolored fur! Get lost in the fun of vibrant colors and favorite creatures while creating whimsical animals that bring smiles to all. Create a journal full of ideas – shapes, eyes, color combos and more. Experiment with watercolors and acrylic paint and bring animals to life with the stroke of a brush or the mark of a finger. Play with color, patterns, texture and more. Paint a neon zebra, a purple hippo with a flower in her hair, a striped bear or even a polka-dotted kitten. Add embellishments for the pièce de résistance! Take home a framed masterpiece ready to hang and delight all admirers.

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.