Summer Art Camp – Age 4-5 and 6-7 – Hockessin DE

2017 Class Schedule and Descriptions

Your child (age 4-7) can take morning classes (9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.), afternoon classes (12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) or stay all day, taking both classes.   Although class names may be identical for both age groups, the content is adjusted to be age appropriate.  Some of the differences are noted in the descriptions for each age group below.

Have older children?  See the Class Schedule and Descriptions for 2017 Summer Camp for Ages 8-10 and Ages 11-14

Summer Camp Classes: Week 1 (June 12 to 16)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning CLASS IS FULL*: The Magical World of Dr. Suess CLASS IS FULL*: Look No Brushes!
Afternoon Look No Brushes!  CLASS IS FULL*: The Magical World of Dr. Suess

* This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Kelly Counsellor

Green eggs and ham! The cat and the hat! One fish, two fish! Gertrude McFuzz! Enjoy the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss! Create a 3-D sculpture embellished with squiggles, zig-zags and brilliant colors while being mesmerized by the rhyme and whimsy of Dr. Seuss. Paint Dr. Seuss inspired fish swimming in vivid striped water and collage vibrant truffula trees. Watch the feathers of Gertrude McFuzz pop out with a zing and a zang while smooshing paint and embellishing with shining jewels. Design an original Glotz, Glunk, Grox or Gox and watch it magically transform into a soft sculpture for cuddling anytime. Draw, paint, sculpt and enjoy because…“Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!” *
*excerpt from Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss


Instructor: Debbie Wilson

Ping pong balls, rolling pins, balloons!  Whisks, helmets, trucks!  Paint masterpieces with everything but a brush!  Bounce Slinkys to create amazing patterns, paint an art hockey original, and bubble wrap a tree and print away!  Swish and splatter spaghetti brooms,  paint with gravity, and have fun with party blower art.  No brushes needed!  Just painting clothes, an imagination and lots of smiles!  Come join the fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 2 (June 19 to 23)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning CLASS IS FULL*: Beauty and the Beast Rock and Roll
Afternoon Rock and Roll CLASS IS FULL*: Beauty and the Beast

* This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Chip, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Belle, The Beast!  Spend the week with the enchanting characters of Beauty and the Beast. Listen to favorite songs, sing along, and create masterpieces – all at the same time.  Design a book perfect for Belle’s library, create a Beast mask, and sculpt a gargoyle for perching on a castle wall.  Fashion a stained glass window of vivid hues, adorn an enchanted mirror, and paint a castle jutting toward the sky.  Paint, sculpt, print, sing and more!  It’s a tale as old as time.  Come be our guest and join the fun!

ROCK AND ROLL (Ages 4 – 5)

Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Granite, marble, soapstone!  Flint, quartzite, sandstone!  Get ready to rock and roll.  Learn about rocks and make rock art!  How cool!  Create a rock game to be played with a friend, build a “rock of a feather” sculpture with wire, feathers and buttons, and design a masterpiece with stones of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Paint rock layers backlit by the Aurora Borealis and crack open a geode to look inside.  Come join the rockin’ adventure and “rock” around the clock!

ROCK AND ROLL (Ages 6 – 7)

Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Granite, marble, soapstone!  Flint, quartzite, sandstone!  Get ready to rock and roll.  Learn about rocks and make rock art!  How cool!  Create rock masterpieces with stones of all colors, shapes and sizes, design a stonework frame to display artwork, and experiment with pattern, texture and movement while working with clay and rocks.  Paint rock layers backlit by the Aurora Borealis and crack open a geode to look inside.  Come join the rockin’ adventure and “rock” around the clock!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 3 (June 26 to June 30)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Rock the Boat CLASS IS FULL*: Action! Art!
Afternoon Action! Art! CLASS IS FULL*: Rock the Boat

* This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Sailboats, tug boats, motorboats!  Dive into the world of boats!  Listen to Busy Boats and learn all about these floating wonders.  Experiment to learn why boats float.  What other objects float?  Basketballs?  Paper boats?  Rocks?  Listen to Curious George Rides a Bike and make a paper boat navy.  Design and build a paddle boat, sailboat, raft and even a boat out of pool noodles.  Build a LEGO® boat, take the STEAM LEGO® challenge, and paint boats too!  Float boats, race boats, and watch them drift lazily in the sun!  It’s going to be a watery, wet adventure*! What fun!

* Bring a towel and a change of clothes for the week…just in case.  Wear swimsuits on Friday for a day of water play with boats. All floating, testing and challenges with boats will be outside in a child’s pool or in bins of water. Please protect your child with sunscreen.


Instructor: Colleen Loughlin

Swing, Spin, Ride, Roll!  Smack, Toss, Spray, Squeeze!  Get ready to move!  Peddle fast to create an action canvas and twirl a bicycle wheel to fashion amazing spin art.   Capture floating bubbles for high flying designs and snap rubber bands for a popping creation.  Suit up and design with popped balloons and pound with rubber mallets.  Who knew moving could be so much fun!  Leave the best clothes at home.  Wear old ones that will appreciate paint.  This week is going to be rip-roaring fabulous!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 4 (July 5 to 7)

Note: This is a 3 day week.

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Stars and Stripes Garden Adventure Americana Week
Afternoon Americana Week Stars and Stripes Garden Adventure


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Red flowers, white flowers, blue ones too!  “Plant” a patriotic garden full of red, white and blue art.  Paint papers in red, white and blue patterns and create a collage of blooms.  Paint with plants to create a masterpiece and listen to garden stories.  Weave natural materials into an outdoor loom and design a stars and stripes flower pot to fill with stately plants.  Wear red, white and blue on Friday and venture to Gateway Garden Center on a scavenger hunt for the patriotic blossoms.  It’s going to be festive celebration…stars and stripes style!


Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Red, white and blue colors bursting in the sky!  Fireworks!  Celebrate the 4th of July with a dazzling display of fireworks printed, stamped, and painted.  Create a patriotic portrait using original firework paintings.  Design festive luminaries for celebrating, play with star-spangled slime and listen to patriotic songs.  Come join the fun and light up Art First.  It’s going to be a blast!


Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Stars, stripes, flags, fireworks!  Celebrate America and the 4th of July!  Design an American flag collage with painted papers, magazine pictures and 3-D stars.   Print, stamp and paint brilliant fireworks masterpieces in festive red, white and blue.  Create a patriotic portrait, listen to patriotic music, and dive into star-spangled slime.  Come join the celebration.  It’s going to be a dazzling week!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 5 (July 10 to 14)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Monsters Love Color CLASS IS FULL*: Color Explosion
Afternoon Color Explosion CLASS IS FULL*: Monsters Love Color

* This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Natalie Ferry

Monsters love COLOR! Red, Blue and Yellow! Scribble, scribble, mix, dance and wiggle*…there’s a new color! Spend the week squiggling and wiggling with the monsters to create new colors and more monsters. Design a scribble monster, a blob monster, and a magic one too. Sculpt clay monsters, play with monster slime and even monster moon sand. Paint a monster in favorite colors and design a monster pillow cute enough to hug. Don’t worry. No scary monsters here. Just loveable, colorful ones!
*Excerpt from Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Red, Yellow Blue! Orange, Green, Purple! Colors galore!  Don a lab coat and come learn about color and light.  Create rainbows while experimenting with prisms.  Mix colors using only light—no spoons, no brushes— and create glowing eggs full of color.   Make color filters, play with shadows, and paint in different color families, like Warhol.  Discover how color affects feelings while listening to My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss and The Rainbow Book by Kate Ohhrt.  It’s going to be a color filled week!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 6 (July 17 to 21)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Pee Wee Pirates Under the Sea Adventures
Afternoon Under the Sea Adventures Pee Wee Pirates


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Ahoy mateys!  Board the pirate ship for a week of swashbuckling fun!  Dress up as a pirate, choose a pirate name, speak Pirate lingo, and sing pirate songs.  Paint a pirate self-portrait and design a clan flag.  Collage a grand ship and paint a favorite parrot to sit on shoulders while sailing along.  Make clay gold doubloons to fill a treasure chest and follow a treasure map on a  “pirate booty” hunt.  Don’t worry!  No one has to walk the plank!


Instructor: Jocelyn Whitwell

Venture into the deep, blue water and experience the exotic world under the sea and the creatures living there – real and imaginary.  Design whimsical fish of all colors and ethereal jellyfish that float in the air.  Create mermaid tail collages from painted papers and paint mystical mermaids and mermen.  Play with mermaid slime, delight in puffy sea foam, and create an underwater world complete with sea treasures.  Don’t miss the magical fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 7 (July 24 to 28)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning New York, New York! CLASS FULL*: It’s a Magical World
Afternoon It’s a Magical World CLASS FULL*: New York, New York!

* This class is full.  If you would like to have your child on the waiting list for the class, please email  “diane AT artfirstinc DOT com”.


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Experience the hustle and bustle and the magic of the Big Apple.  Zip among traffic and be star struck by dazzling Broadway lights while listening to New York in Pajamarama.  Learn about famous landmarks, city hot dog carts and even how many yellow cabs dart through the busy streets in Pop-Up New York by Andy Mansfield.  Create a yellow taxi collage that could zip through the city beeping its horn.  “Look up” at the tall skyscrapers and hunt for the sky, find the Empire State Building in the skyline, and design a cityscape full of majestic skyscrapers.  Discover some of the famous New York artists like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack and James Rizzi.  Paint a self-portrait, Warhol style, create a whimsical bird inspired by Rizzi, and fling some paint just like Pollack.  Take a virtual tour through Central Park to see the modern sculptures adorning the lawn and sculpt a masterpiece worthy of a Central Park home.  It’s going to be a magical week in New York City.  Hop on the subway and join the fun!


Instructor: Jocelyn Whitwell

Venture into the magical world of faeries, pixies, gnomes and elves. Listen to books about fairies and “fly” around Art First with magical fairy wings. Land for a while and sculpt magical creatures out of Sculpey clay and create a miniature world for these enchanted friends. Plan a gourd cottage and paint it in bright colors with whimsical motifs. Design a landscape complete with stepping stones, swings, birdbaths, benches and even live plants. Don’t forget a key…a magical one just for the fairies to use. Let the magical creatures enjoy their new world and “fly” off to create fairy soup in huge soup pots and experiment with fizzing fairy potions. It’s going to be an enchanted week!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 8 (July 31 to August 4)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Matisse and Friends Mad Scientists, Take Two
Afternoon Mad Scientists, Take Two Matisse and Friends


Instructor: Caitlyn Daugherty

Get to know Matisse and his fellow artists…Picasso, Mondrian, Kandinsky and even Van Gogh.  Learn about the Expressive Art Movement and listen to books about the artists.  Read When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden and Van Gogh for Kids by Margaret Hyde and let the fun begin.  Recreate their famous artwork – Art First Inc. style!  Design a Matisse shape collage and a self-portrait Picasso style…with a twist.  Paint Kandinsky rainbows, Mondrian abstracts, and fashion Van Gogh sunflowers from yarn.  Dress up on Friday in 1900s couture and celebrate the artists, their artwork, and the original works created this week.  It’s going to be a masterful time!


Instructor: Stacie Forman

What makes Flubber s-t-r-e-t-c-h?  Can magnets paint?  Learn about Science while creating art!  Experiment with watercolors and oil, make ice glow, and erupt mini-volcanoes.  Mix up glitter flubber and blow flubber bubbles.  Blow hard and make them huge!  Design a hovercraft and watch it glide, experiment with color changing slime, and watch elephant toothpaste explode.  It’s going to be an amazingly, colorful, scientific week.  Don’t forget the old clothes.  This is going to be messy fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 9 (August 7 to 11)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Amazing Animal Collages Pooh’s Adventures
Afternoon Pooh’s Adventures Amazing Animal Collages


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Birds! Dogs! Cats! Fish!  Spend the week painting with paper!  Dive down deep and design an underwater collage complete with seaweed, fish, crabs and maybe a shark!  Head to Antarctica and collage a penguin waddling on the ice.  Give it a scarf!  It’s cold there!  Create playful cats, friendly dogs and even an imaginary animal!  Who knew painting with paper was so much fun!


Instructor: Kelly Counsellor

Pull on big boots and set out on an “expotition” with Pooh. Listen to stories, sing songs, and meet the characters of A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books including Pooh’s new friend, Penguin, introduced in the 90th Anniversary book The Best Bear in All the World.  Make blustery day paintings, check for rain under a colorful hand-painted umbrella and sculpt clay bears.  Paint whimsical penguins, create original Heffalumps and Woozles, and design a home for Eeyore.  Bring a favorite stuffed animal on Friday to snuggle with and listen to Pooh tales.  What could be more fun than spending the week with Pooh, his “hunny pot” and his friends?

Art First Inc, Summer Art Camp for Children, Hockessin Delaware

Photo: 2015 Camp: “Enchanted Forrest”