2020 Art Summer Camp For Children

This is the Summer Developmental Program of Art First, Inc. for ages 5-14. It is an all-encompassing exploration of the arts, involving mind, senses and spirit. Art First, Inc. is committed to the high quality of materials and teaching abilities offered. The staff has a broad spectrum of experience and talent and will open worlds for our community’s children with their fresh perspectives as dedicated artists and educators.

Children are encouraged to be independent and to develop skills that foster a positive self-image. Hands-on activities with age appropriate goals are available in open classroom settings. Each child is unique and is allowed to work in his or her own way to develop his or her potential. Our philosophy is to foster a love of learning and provide a fun and creative investigation of art in a caring atmosphere.

Art First, Inc. welcomes children and staff regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, or disabilities.