Art Summer Camp – Ages 8 – 10 and 11 – 14 – Hockessin, DE

2019 Class Schedule and Descriptions

We offer full day (9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) classes for children of ages 8 to 10 and 11 to 14.  Although class names may be identical for both age groups, the content is adjusted to be age appropriate.

Have younger children?  See the Class Schedule and Descriptions for 2019 Summer Camp for Ages 4-5 and Ages 6-7

Summer Camp Classes: Week 1 (June 10 to 14)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class In the Round & Stuck in a Corner*


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Embark on an adventure in the round! Create mandalas that are full of color, designs, art marks, lines and pattern… but are not perfect! Work round and round and play with colorful paints and inks. Don’t worry! No plans needed…just pure creative play! Create original Gelli prints to use in the design and add art marks with stencils, paint pens, markers and more. Play, have fun, and work in the round. Frame a favorite mandala to take home and enjoy. Continue the adventure working in a corner…but not stuck there. Use bright colors and artistic designs to create an explosive acrylic design on canvas. Begin the creation in a corner and work outward. Use dots, squiggles, lines, art marks and more. Have fun, play, and be creative. No pressure here! Take home a unique creation that will be the envy of all.

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 2 (June 17 to 21)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CAMP IS FULL: Jump Off the Canvas & Pour It On CAMP IS FULL: Jump Off the Canvas & Pour It On


Instructors: Diane Humphrys & Tracey Simmonds

Take a leap off the canvas and begin a mixed media adventure full of texture, color and sparkle! Learn how to make paper sculpting paste to build shapes and textures that will jump off the canvas surface. Brush on color that shimmers and reflects light and add 3-D embellishments that glitter and set off the piece to perfection. Take home a multidimensional creation that is anything but flat framed in a vintage shadow box from the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh. Then, put down the brush and create masterpieces just by pouring paint. Learn the techniques of acrylic pouring and create artwork full of color and unexpected designs. Watch paint move, blend, develop patterns, and drip to create unique pieces of art. Flood an ornament with vibrant colors and transform a tile into a colorful creation. Don’t worry! No wasted paint here. Use left-over acrylic “skins” to design a unique necklace. Who knew pouring paint could be so much fun…or so colorful.

Attention Adults!  Come play with alcohol inks! Explore the magic of this medium on Thursday, June 20th from 6:00-9:00 pm. Learn techniques and create two tile paintings and a painting on Yupo too. More information.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 3 (June 24 to 28)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CAMP IS FULL: Garden Magic CAMP IS FULL: Garden Magic


Instructors: Tracey Simmonds, Holly Burnett, and Diane Humphrys

Bowling Balls? Gourds? You bet! Jump right in to transform these into amazing garden art. Begin the adventure with a much loved bowling ball. Learn about the art of mosaics and plan a design. Watch the magic begin with the application of brightly colored tiles and mirrors just waiting to bring the bowling ball to life. Take home a vibrant mosaic gazing sphere worthy of a stately spot in any garden. Don’t tell its secret. No one will guess it once knocked down pins in its former life! Then work alcohol ink magic on a dried gourd. Learn new techniques for painting with this unpredictable medium. Watch in amazement as the brilliant inks transform it into a stunning garden birdhouse. Experiment with favorite color palettes and watch the inks drip and slide across the surface as they create a stone like appearance. Add luminous highlights with metallic inks for pizazz. Take home an exquisite birdhouse ready for the birds to enjoy! It’s going to be an amazing week!

Attention Adults!  Your day to play is on Thursday, June 27th. Join us from 6:00-9:00 pm to make cannonball gourd lanterns. Transform the gourd into a light display that bathes a room in dramatic patterns. More information.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 4 (July 1,2,3)

Note: This is a 3 day week.

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class:  Choose only 1 camp for the week CAMP IS FULL: The Jewelry Shop*
SPACE IS AVAILABLE: The Tale of the Tower*


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Glass! Wire! Beads!! Design jewelry that dazzles! Learn new techniques and use the tools of the trade to create original jewelry pieces that are works of art. Learn to lay out a design, work with color, and string glass beads of all sizes and shapes to create a unique necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings. Embellish with wire, paper beads, buttons and more. Learn to copper enamel and create a show-stopper worthy of an upscale shop. Take home distinctive jewelry for all to admire. People will be amazed! Enjoy all the compliments!

*This is a full day camp.  Please note that class ages are combined for this week.


Instructor: Holly Burnett, Diane Humphrys

Become lost in a towering sculpture of color and texture that soars toward the sky. Create a long skinny wooden tower waiting to be embellished with blocks of vibrant colors and rich textures. Explore color palettes, watch Unicorn Spit turn wood grain into vibrant colors and add personality and pizazz with collaged original Gelli prints. Embellish the tower with wire, copper enameled shapes, textured foils, metallic paints, wood and other unique ephemera. Take home a towering wooden sculpture that will fit anywhere and spark conversation and compliments.

*This is a full day camp.  Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 5 (July 8 to 12)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class:  CAMP IS FULL: Amazing Landscapes and Vibrant Villages CAMP IS FULL: Amazing Landscapes and Vibrant Villages


Instructor: Holly Burnett, Allison Weer, Diane Humphrys

Rolling hills and meandering rivers! Tall stately trees, majestic mountains and crystal clear skies! Get lost in the beauty of the countryside while creating an acrylic landscape painting on a large scale canvas. Keep a sketchbook while learning to draw basic landscapes, buildings, tree forms, rocks and more. Learn about perspective, shadows, lights and darks, contrasts and complimentary colors. Add collected landscape pictures to this treasure-trove of ideas and sketch away. Then plan and design a landscape that will come alive with color and personality. Take home a unique framed painting that exudes peacefulness.

Students may bring a photograph of a favorite landscape to paint. Please be advised that the painting may not reflect the entirety of the photograph.

Picture this…a mixed media assemblage of a village created with ephemera that dazzles and colors that pop! Stain an elongated wooden panel in the luscious colors of Unicorn SPiT then design and build a whimsical and magical village collage nestled in the rolling hills of the countryside. Create rippling currents of color in the meandering streams with glass, seed beads, and jewels. Add colorful personality to the cottages with cork, spools and driftwood and touch the sky with swirls of clouds created with buttons, rhinestones and more. Bring the mountains and rolling hills alive with tiles, buttons, jewelry, textured foils, wire and other ephemera. Take home a masterpiece that tells the story of a village quietly basking in the surrounding beauty!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 6 (July 15 to 19)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class Frolicking Farmyard Friends Frolicking Farmyard Friends


Instructors: Holly Burnett & Diane Humphrys

Imagine cows…frolicking in the fields, heels high in the air and grins full of mischief on their faces. Not just any cows…but cows totally dedicated to high fashion…no plain brown, black and white, or tan. Oh no, elegant blacks and luxurious whites, bright vivid colors, pops of vibrant texture, and sophisticated coats are a must! Join the fun while capturing the whimsical sass of cows with attitude just having fun. Multicolored coats, wide elegantly lashed eyes and maybe even a tongue sticking out. Create a sketchbook full of sassy cows, develop a favorite color scheme, paint with vivid acrylic colors, and create texture with mark making tools. There have never been cows so fashionable, lovable and just plain adorable. Take home one of these sassy creatures to hang and bring a smile to your face everyday.

Then, visit the wooly sheep grazing in pastures of tender grass. No sass here…just serene animals chewing peacefully. Capture the feel of its wooly curls, each leaf of grass, silhouetted trees, vivid sunsets or shimmering skies…all with the magic of unspun wool. Learn to needle felt with brilliantly colored fibers to capture the personality of the sheep and the richness of the surroundings. Create shadows, light, and movement all while painting with wool. Take home an incredible fiber arts masterpiece to hang and enjoy forever.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 7 (July 22 to 26)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning CAMP IS FULL: Threads of Sew Many Colors… Back to School Edition* CAMP IS FULL: Wrap It Up!
Afternoon Wrap It Up! CAMP IS FULL: Threads of Sew Many Colors… Back to School Edition*


Instructor: Lianne Covington

It’s summertime now but soon school will begin. Get a head start on back to school supplies. But don’t buy them! Jump right in and sew! Learn sewing machine basics, all about fabric and notions needed for successful projects, and how to sew straight lines in a new and easy way. Learn to create patterns and start sewing back to school basics. Create a drawstring bag, a pencil case to keep organized, and a lanyard for carrying keys or identification cards. Sew a snack bag pouch for stashing favorite goodies and notebook covers to add color and pizazz to the book bag. Create projects that will make back to school shopping easier while mastering sewing basics. It’s going to be “sew” much fun!

*This camp is limited to 8 students


Instructors: Diane Humphrys

Rip and Tear! Rip and Tear! Experience the world of textile art! Hand stitch stuffed fabric circles that seem to float like clouds. Rip and tear fabric in a favorite palette to wrap around the puffy circles. Add in metallic yarns and ribbon for texture and shimmer. Then connect the fabric rounds with twigs adorned in glittery threads to create a unique fiber wall hanging. Create handmade paper, fabric and wire beads for embellishment, and add sparkly trinkets and buttons as well. Complete the look with flowing tassels that glisten and sparkle. Take home an artistic wall hanging sure to inspire!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 8 (July 29 to August 2)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CAMP IS FULL: Harry Potter*


Instructors: Jen Wojnar, Andrea Comiez, Kelly Counsellor

Venture to Hogwart’s for a week of magical thrills! Don a favorite Harry Potter costume, watch the Sorting Hat at work, and begin the magical adventure! Paint 3-D printed House Crests and Prefect badges and create a cloth House Banner. Make a wooden log owl that could keep Hedwig company, design original Harry Potter book art to frame and play “Pin the nose on Voldemort. Pose for a personalized “Have you seen the wizard?” poster, win house points for Harry Potter trivia and conjure up potions that would make Harry proud. Watch out for the Witch’s Brew Challenge! Top the week off decorating a small edible Harry Potter birthday cake with icing and sprinkles. Be sure to sing Happy Birthday to Harry on the 31st – his 39th birthday. Then settle in at Art First’s Broomstick theater for snippets of the Harry Potter flicks.** Hurry to Platform Nine and three Quarters and join the fun.

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

** Please be advised that this week will be enhanced with Harry Potter movies. Please be sure you are comfortable with your child viewing these before you enroll them in this camp.

Attention Adults! Harry Potter night for you is August 1st from 6:00-9:00 pm. Wear your costume and come prepared for magical thrills. Watch the Sorting Hat at work and begin the adventure. More information.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 9 (August 5 to 9)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CAMP IS FULL: The Faeries’ Great Treehouse Adventure*


Instructors: Tom Cofran, Susie Steele, Delma Williamson, Allison Weer, Diane Humphrys

Enjoy gentle breezes, puffy clouds, magnificent vistas, and refreshingly cool air as the faeries vacation in tree houses fit for royalty! Spend the week designing a deluxe vacation home with a bird’s eye view of the land below and the sky above. Choose the “perfect” tree and build a house nestled in its branches. Add ladders, decks and rope swings to this retreat high in the sky. Build cozy chairs, comfy beds with blankets piled high, and even Adirondack chairs perfect for stargazing. String hammocks between branches to swing in the breeze, sew rugs and pillows, and paint original art for the walls. Don’t forget treats to eat while lazing away. Add woodland plants perfect for the forest floor, tuck in moss and rocks with delicate flowers peeking out, and create forest animals to enjoy the landscape. Naps are going to be fun in this hideaway!

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 10 (August 12 to 16)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CAMP IS FULL: Magical Creatures*


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Invisibility, x-ray vision, predict the future! Sting, repel spells, disappear! Magical creatures rule this week! Begin the adventure with a sketch book. Fill it with original magical creatures drawn with pencil, pens and colored pencils. Experiment with eyes, teeth, hair, wings, and more. Don’t forget to assign magical powers. Then tell the story of this magical being through paint, fibers, and clay. Choose a favorite sketchbook creature to come to life on a large canvas using acrylic paint. Sew a fabric stuffie of the creature with hand stitching and embellish with buttons, ribbons, trinkets and more. Mold Sculpey clay into a replica of the same magical being and paint a small watercolor resist of the creature in action. It’s going to be a magical week. Don’t miss it!

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.