Summer Camp 2020

It’s that time! Our 2020 summer program is online and ready for registration. We are so proud of the artistic and creative opportunities we have for your young artists this summer. We can’t wait!

This year, you will see some changes in our program. Due to a Delaware regulation, summer camps cannot offer camps to four year old children. In order to comply with the regulation, we have raised our minimum age to 5 and adjusted our age groups to 5-6 year old, 7-8 year old and 9-14 year old.

Art First Inc - Summer Art Camp for Kids - Hockessin DEWe know there will be four year old artists that will be upset because they cannot create with us. We also know there will be disappointed eight year old artists who were looking forward to more challenging projects this summer. Because of this, we’ve taken the opportunity to revise the camp content in each class and make sure that the 7-8 year old camps will be age-appropriate, creative, and fun. These camps will contain more challenging projects than we are teaching the younger artists and provide creative learning opportunities as well a fun!

Please know that we understand this is new and different for you as it is for us. We are working through this with you. Our goal is still the same – Art First is committed to offering high quality programs where our young artists will have a creative experience like no other.

We are so excited about the upcoming camps. Glow in the dark paint, hammers, marshmallows, clay, collage, woodworking, forest hideaways, needle felting, mixed media, watercolors, alcohol inks and lots, lots more! It’s going to be an amazing summer! Don’t miss the fun!

See you soon!