Oh, Yes! We Have Art Supplies!

It’s that time of the year. Our camps are filling, instructors have finalized their supply lists and I’m compiling my lists of materials needed to make the summer full of color, creativity and fun!

“In my mind I’m reviewing all the supplies we have. I’m also exploring new materials to add to those supplies…and do we have supplies…”

Art First Inc, summer camp for kids, Hockessin, DEWe have paints of all kinds and colors and best of all – non-toxic. There are: BioColors, our most favorite paints…classic, fluorescent, and metallic with “make it shimmer, glitter and puffy” additives. Glitter paints, finger paints, foam paints, activity paints, oil pastels, confetti paints, puffy paints, acrylic paints, watercolors, liquid watercolors – regular and glitter, color changing paints, fabric paints and more…all non-toxic!

“What new paint should we create with this summer?”

We have a plethora of materials for our young artists to paint with…Brushes of all sizes and shapes – chubby, rounds, flats, fans and foam, Q-tips, marbles, brooms, firemen’s helmets, balls, sponges, straws, magnets, toothbrushes, monster feet, string, sponges, scrapers, dot markers…and… fingers, hands and feet!

“What new materials should we paint with this summer?”

We have collage materials that would make a collage artist envious: fabrics, painted papers, ribbon, beads, rick rack, washi tape, buttons, yarn, glitter, jewels, Nuddles, wood, stones, chenille stems, confetti, googly eyes, pom poms, feathers, flowers, fluff and much, much more!

“What amazing material can I add to the ephemera for our artists?”

We have clay of all kinds and colors: Air dry clay – red and gray, Model Magic, paper clay, play dough, Incredible Foam dough, and Sculpey clay.

“What new clay medium can I find for our artists to knead, experiment with, develop skills and just have fun?”

And paper…do we have paper!

Watercolor, mixed media, Bristol board, tracing paper, construction paper, tissue paper, finger paint paper, sulphite paper, cardstock, poster board, butcher paper- brown and white, Yupo, drawing paper, Bare Books journals, handmade paper, scrapbooking paper and deli wrap paper…

“What’s next to explore?”

We have so much more to offer our artists…Easels, class loom, lap looms, tapestry table, outdoor easel, Gelli plates and brayers, wool for needle felting and specialty needle felting supplies, insect boxes, magnifying glasses, bug eye vision glasses, markers of all shapes and sizes, stencils and stamps by the dozens, Stabilo pencils, charcoal pencils, Gelly Roll pens, gelatos, NeoColor crayons, Inktense pencils, AquaColor crayons, blocks, Legos, stretched canvases, wooden painting panels, canvas panels, frames, glues of all kinds and on and on and on…

So…what’s new for this year? What should we experiment with, squish, pound, run our fingers through, and have fun with each day? Here’s the start of my list….

  • Pluffy Sculpey clay – soft, mixable, paintable and floats
  • Old tricycles to peddle through paint
  • Multicultural paint
  • Ultimate Art Paper to use with all art mediums
  • New paintbrushes for our older artists and our younger ones too
  • Balsa Foam for carving stamps
  • New brand of non-toxic student grade acrylic paint
  • Prisms
  • Color Mixing eye glasses
  • Scoops, rakes and buckets for the sandbox – Oh, yes! We are going to play in the sand!
  • Kinetic sand
  • Color changing eggs – The “Color Explosions” camp (ages 4-5 & 6-7) will love these!
  • Balls that light up when dropped. Imagine painting with those…
  • Special sized crochet thread so hand sewing is easier for our artists. Less twisting and knotting means more fun.
  • Hoola Hoops to transform into looms
  • Gourds for fabulous artwork
  • Magnetic shapes – Color mixing with these on the window is great!
  • Outdoor graffiti chalkboard
  • Outdoor Connect 4 yard game

And that’s just the beginning! Oh, Yes! We have supplies, supplies, supplies and they are for our young artists to have fun, fun, fun! I am so excited!!!!

I can’t wait for our artists to start creating! Come join us!