Camp Starts June 12!

Three weeks! Three weeks until the creative fun begins! WOW! It will be here in a heartbeat…which means I am busy, busy, busy!
My days are filled with…

lists, lists, lists

compiling, double checking, marking off

Shopping, shopping, shopping

Ordering and ordering



Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DE

I go through teacher supply lists, consolidate by stores and catalogs, compare prices and gather coupon codes and coupons. Then the ordering begins…new student grade non-toxic acrylics, more BioColor (our favorite!!!), books, beads, glues, glitter, special papers, inks, clay, banners, mirrors, feathers, Dr. Seuss top hats, pirates’ hats and monocles, boas, journals, stencils, paint markers, a new type of felt, special crochet thread to make sewing easier for little hands, huge eyelashes for rolling monsters, prisms, brushes, a clay cart and so much more!

Then, off to favorite stores!. Things jump out…

“How can we use this in a different way?
“What if we did this?”
“This is perfect!”

Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DEI find pool toys…we can print with them. Magnetic blocks…we can mix colors with them. Color changing eggs…what if we put them in the freezer…outside on the sidewalk? Monstrous fuzzy sticks…they could be amazing soft sculptures.

Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DEI find Dr. Seuss bags (Hurray!) Pirates’ chests, rocks of all sizes, shapes and colors, frames, flashlights, patriotic sunglasses, ping pong balls, moss topiaries for the faeries’ roof top gardens, spaghetti and spiked balls – we are going to paint with these, flashlights, boxes of wood pieces, hand held mirrors, fairy wings, sand toys, foam sheets, glitter, jewels, bubbles, and more! My dining room and upstairs bedroom are full of goodies!

Wood is purchased by my woodworker extraordinaire. After sawing, nailing, and sanding it will become the canvases for art projects, surprise outdoor fun, and of course, faerie houses – amid the skyscrapers of New York City!

Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DEI dig out the stored goodies purchased throughout the winter: gourds just waiting to be transformed into paisley chickens, gorgeous bowls, and small fairy cottages; baskets snagged after Easter that will become the home for a magical fairy land; stretched canvases for whimsical creatures and toy cars and trucks whose destiny is to become a rolling monster. What else is waiting to be rediscovered in those basement bins?

It’s a creative time, an exciting time and a hectic time…all rolled together. How can I only have three weeks left??????

But…  Time doesn’t stand still and we aren’t either. I’m planning, organizing, shopping…making sure everything is in order for the summer. Our amazing teachers are dreaming up new ideas and methods, planning, experimenting and prepping. It’s all coming together!

Join us this summer.

We’re working hard to make it the best creative time ever!
Week 1 starts June 12th. It’s going to be great!Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DE

Art First Summer Camp For Kids Hockessin DE

Toy trucks, destined to be Rolling Monsters (week 8: July 31-Aug 4)