Wacky Fish!

Imagine painting fish…not regular ones that swim in the lakes or oceans…but wacky, colorful, vibrant fish with lots of personality!

It all starts with a slender wooden substrate transformed with gesso, acrylic paints, glazing medium, acrylic inks, stencils and mark making tools of all shapes and sizes. Add circles, dots, zig zags, acrylic sprays, stamps and more to add texture over texture and brilliant colors. Just play…experiment…and have fun!

Still Imagining???? Sketch in the wackiest fish ever and bring them to life with enormous eyes, long eyelashes, bright lips, doodles, squiggles, patterns and mischievous gleams in their eyes. Don’t forget fish need a watery place to live but who says the water has to be blue? Imagine that…yellow water…lime…even pink! Sign the masterpiece and stand back and admire. Bet no one can keep from smiling!

Read the class description and join us on June 12 for Wacky Fish!

Finished artwork