Tea Party

Ladies wear hat and gloves to a tea party. So did the young ladies and gentlemen at an Art First Tea Party…but they made their own! Tall, handsome top hats and large brimmed, floppy hats, all in a rainbow of hues, adorned the heads of the tea party invitees. The students had so much fun creating their multicolored hats with liquid watercolors. The young ladies even had special “fittings’ for their creations. Gorgeous placemats in a circle design were painted with acrylic paint and then trimmed to perfection. The students also had fun creating decorative plates, clay cups and saucers, silverware, and, of course, teapots to be used in hours of imaginative play. They even embellished their gloves with jewels and lace and learned the proper way to drink tea…pinkies up!

Now it was time for the “pièce de résistance”…the tea party!

Who wouldn’t have been excited to put on their best dress, or pants and shirt, don hats and gloves, and head off to a tea party – the highlight of a week of creativity and fun! The table was set with their own place settings, flowers adorned the table, watercolor hot balloon lanterns hung above the table…and there was food…finger sandwiches, fruit and pastries…and tea! Polite ladies and gents served themselves and enjoyed music and great conversation with friends while the adults marveled at their accomplishments. What fun! We’ll be having tea parties again! Wanna’ come?