“Everything You Can Imagine Is Real”

Art First Inc. wants your children to experience the joy of creating…

to play and have fun

to dig into a ball of clay

to create an imaginary creature with polka dotted hair

to become a princess or the knight in shining armor

to paint with their hands…and their feet

to draw crazy faces

to march with the Stormtroopers

to build incredible wooden structures

to sip tea with their pinkies in the air

to run an Olympic race and win a medal

to write a silly book

to become a Superhero

to ride on a flying carpet

to collage an amazing tiger

to stack birds on top of birds

to dream, to imagine, to enjoy!

Art First Inc. wants children to develop their creative imaginations…

through play…

through art…

through exploring…

through wonder…

There are no mistakes…

just fabulous opportunities for creativity…

blobs become a tiger.

smears become asteroids,

and lines take walks and end up bringing smiles!

Come join us!