Art Summer Camp – Ages 8 – 10 and 11 – 14 – Hockessin, DE

2018 Class Schedule and Descriptions

We offer full day (9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) classes for children of ages 8 to 10 and 11 to 14.  Although class names may be identical for both age groups, the content is adjusted to be age appropriate.

Have younger children?  See the Class Schedule and Descriptions for 2018 Summer Camp for Ages 4-5 and Ages 6-7

Summer Camp Classes: Week 1 (June 11 to 15)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: Dragons, Skulls…Oh My!


Instructor: Ellie Schwartz

Embark on an adventure in color! Vibrant, luscious, intense color! Head to China to learn the history and customs surrounding dragons. What do they symbolize? What color are they? Create a watercolor painting of a dragon in traditional colors. Learn a variety of techniques and make a watercolor board for future reference. Learn to sketch a dragon, experiment with color, and learn to mix colors to achieve different values. Take home a framed watercolor ready to hang and enjoy. Move on to Mexico and the Day of the Dead celebration. Learn the history, traditions, and reasons for the celebration and how color is used. Then create a three dimensional Day of the Dead skull reminiscent of the famed sugar shells. Use vibrant colors, patterns, shapes and other ephemera to create a unique sculpture mounted on a wooden plaque.

*Please note that class ages are combined for this week.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 2 (June 18 to 22)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class Inky Transformations! Inky Transformations!


Instructors: Holly Burnett & Tracey Simmonds

Explore the magic of alcohol inks! Learn new techniques for painting with this unpredictable medium. Watch in amazement as the brilliant inks transform a canvas and gourd into stunning works of art. Create a flowing abstract using a glue technique to achieve movement, flow and pattern. Drop the inks into the created patterns and watch how the colors react, blend and invade the space. Then transform a plain gourd bowl into a masterpiece of color and design. Experiment with favorite color palettes and watch the inks drip and slide across the surface as they create a stone like appearance. Add luminous highlights with metallic inks for pizazz. Then comes the pièce de résistance! Embellish the gourd with a wire wrapping technique and colorful beads for added shimmer and shine. Take home an exquisite masterpiece to hang and a stunning, vibrant bowl! It’s going to be an amazing week!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 3 (June 25 to 29)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: The Great Pour! CLASS IS FULL: The Great Pour!


Instructors: Tracey Simmonds & Holly Burnett

Put down the brush and create masterpieces just by pouring paint! Learn the techniques of acrylic pouring and create artwork full of color and unexpected designs. Watch paint move, blend, develop patterns, and drip to create a unique wooden panel. Fun! Flood a rock with vibrant colors and transform a tile and ornament into colorful creations. Don’t worry! No wasted paint here. Use the leftover acrylic “skins” to design a unique necklace. Then pour some more…this time in a BIG way! Create a large self portrait with an acrylic glue technique. The result? A striking piece of art! Take home a 24 x 30 portrait to enjoy for years to come. Who knew “pouring” could be so much fun…or so colorful!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 4 (July 2,3,5,6)

Note: This is a 4 day week.

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning The Jewelry Shop Creative Play!
Afternoon Creative Play! The Jewelry Shop


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Glass, wire, beads! Design jewelry that dazzles! Learn to use the tools of the trade and experiment with new techniques to create original jewelry. Lay out a design, work with color, and string glass beads of all sizes and shapes for a one of a kind necklace, layered necklace, a pair of earrings and bracelet. Create embellishments with wire, paper beads, buttons and more! Complete the week with a unique jewelry tower sporting pops of color and wood. Enjoy the compliments! People will be amazed!


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Stencils, Text, Scribbles! Stamps, Color, Paper! Get lost in the world of art journaling. Spend the week playing with layers of color, fabulous texture, and colorful embellishments. Rock creative challenges and learn new techniques to print with Gelli® plates. Stencil, stamp, play with inks, and scribble write. Use crayons, junk mail, washi tape and more to create unique journals full of ideas for future projects. No rules! Just creative play! Come join the fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 5 (July 9 to 13)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning CLASS IS FULL: Threads of Sew Many Colors…Travel Edition* CLASS IS FULL: Whimsical Woodland Animals!*
Afternoon CLASS IS FULL: Whimsical Woodland Animals!* CLASS IS FULL: Threads of Sew Many Colors…Travel Edition*


Instructor: Lianne Covington

It’s travel time! Head off to exotic places, exciting cities, tropical paradises, or mountainous climates! But don’t forget essentials necessary for the trips…items that can be sewn and taken anywhere! So jump right in and sew! Learn sewing machine basics, all about fabric and notions needed for successful projects, and how to sew straight lines in a new and easy way. Learn to create patterns and start sewing travel essentials. Create a travel tote with section pockets, a cosmetic bag to keep toiletries organized and a lanyard for carrying keys or identification cards. Sew a travel pillow soft enough for comfort on a plane or in a car and make a no-sew blanket for warmth while traveling in cool air conditioning or colder climates. Create projects that will make traveling a breeze while mastering sewing basics. It’s going to be “sew” much fun!

*This class is limited to 8 students.


Instructor: Jo-ann Shiley

Silver mane, Gold eyelashes, Bronze fur! Get lost in the fun of metallic colors and favorite woodland creatures while creating whimsical animals that bring smiles to all. Create a journal full of ideas – shapes, eyes, color combos and more. Experiment with metallic paints and bring animals to life with the stroke of a brush or the mark of a finger. Play with color, patterns, texture and more. Paint woodland animals such as a fox, fawn, rabbit or even a masked raccoon…all sporting shiny metallic colors. Add embellishments for the pièce de résistance! Take home a masterpiece ready to hang and a triptych of 6 x 6 cuties to delight all admirers.

*This class is limited to 8 students.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 6 (July 16 to 20)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class A Perfect Place to Dwell A Perfect Place to Dwell


Instructors: Holly Burnett & Diane Humphrys

Picture this…a whimsical white cottage with a vivid roof nestled in a brightly colored landscape. Lollipop stained glass trees, wispy colorful clouds, and brilliant skies…all created with unspun wool! Learn to needle felt with brilliant colored wool to capture the whimsy of the colorful cottage and surrounding landscape. Create shadows, light and movement while painting with fibers. Take home an incredible fiber arts masterpiece to hang and enjoy forever.

Continue the cottage theme and create whimsical dwellings in a mixed media assemblage. Stain an elongated wooden panel in luscious whimsical colors. Design and build a miniature village towering toward the sky using driftwood to guide the design. Give each tiny cottage personality and charm with paint and finishing touches crafted from unique found objects. Use tiles, buttons, jewelry, colored pencils, wire and other ephemera to bring the details alive. Take home a masterpiece that tells the story of these whimsical cottages…a perfect place to dwell!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 7 (July 23 to 27)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class  CLASS IS FULL: The Faeries’ Amazing Spook-tacular Adventure*  CLASS IS FULL: The Faeries’ Amazing Spook-tacular Adventure*



Instructors: Holly Burnett, Delma Williamson, Ellie Schwartz & Diane Humphrys

Whoo-oo went the wind, out went the lights…and magic happened! The faeries’ are immersed in a Halloween adventure full of dancing broomsticks, talking trees, black cats, croaking frogs and friendly ghosts. Spend the week exploring the whimsy of Halloween while designing a faerie house full of mystery, enchantment and pure fun! Create an outdoor landscape full of cobblestone paths, bubbling caldrons, slanted walls and eerie glows. Then move inside to continue the Halloween mystique. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! With the flick of the wrist and a whispered “Abracadabra” turn the entire house into a bewitched fantasy full of bats, spider webs, witches’ hats, cloaks, jack-o-lanterns, costumes and bewitching decorations…or…create a cottage kitchen full of herbs for potions and spells…or…design a ground level shop for milliners, a potion emporium or even a confection shop…or …decorate comfy rooms for the faeries’ Halloween bash! So many choices! So much fun! Grab a favorite Halloween costume and join the bewitching adventure!

*Campers may wear their favorite Halloween costume on Monday to get into the spirit. Please no blood, guts or gore….just friendly magical costumes. Costumes will “disappear” when the paint appears.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 8 (July 30 to August 3)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Morning Cornhole Games* Printmaking Extravaganza
Afternoon Printmaking Extravaganza Cornhole Games*


Instructors: Tom Cofran

Aim! Toss! Slide! Sink! Score! Cornhole rocks! Build a cornhole game that can be played anywhere. Learn woodworking techniques to build the board. Use the cornhole to plan a custom design and paint the board in favorite colors, sports logos, tie dye designs, stacked pumpkins, minions, chevrons, or even abstract designs. Discover how to make cornhole bags and learn the rules of the game. Spend Friday in friendly competition with classmates. Take home a unique game for hours of backyard, driveway or basement fun!

*To assure easier transportation home, cornhole games will be smaller than regulation size.


Instructors: Rachel Tallant

Jump into the world of printmaking. Create prints with patterns, shapes, color and texture. Use mark making tools, found objects and even fruits and veggies to produce amazing designs. Create original rubbing plates and collagraph plates to produce unique prints. Learn new techniques for creating monoprints on the Gelli® plate, print emojis with a unique process, make leaf prints and more! Take home a framed print to enjoy and a portfolio of amazing designs!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 9 (August 6 to 10)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: Harry Potter


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Venture to Hogwart’s for a week of magical thrills! Don a favorite Harry Potter costume, watch the Sorting Hat at work, and begin the magical adventure! Fashion a unique wand and make an aged potion bottle to hold magical formulas. Even try out a few. Be careful! No one wants to be turned into a toad. Record those formulas in a book of “Potions and Spells” full of recipes that would compete with those of the Half-Blood Prince. Sculpt a magical plant out of air dry clay that Pomona Sprout would adore. Make a dragon’s egg candle, create a fluffy magical creature destined to become a favorite pet and design a magical box for storing wands and wizardry treasures. Compete in Quidditch games with classmates. Watch for the golden snitch! Stash the brooms and complete the week with magical lollipops, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans and fizzy root beer. No need to visit Hogmeades for sweets and butterbeer. Enjoy these magical concoctions at Art First’s Broomstick theater – complete with a Harry Potter flick.*  Hurry to Platform Nine and Three Quarters and join the fun!

* Please be advised that this week will be enhanced with Harry Potter movies. Please be sure you are comfortable with your child viewing these before you enroll them in this camp.

Summer Camp Classes: Week 10 (August 13 to 17)

Ages 8 to 10 Ages 11 to 14
Full Day Class CLASS IS FULL: Photography Workshop


Instructor: Rachel Tallant

Spend the week immersed in the art of photography. Explore the basics – light, exposure, composition – and how to take photos with DSLR and/or film cameras. Learn how to tell a story through photos and head to Gateway Garden Center for a photo scavenger hunt. Take part in mini prompts, selfie challenges, and even a stuffed animal challenge. Create a journal of ideas and a mounted triptych of photos to take home and enjoy. It’s going to be a photo-popping week!

*This class is limited to 8 students. Please note that class ages are combined for this week.
Cameras will be provided.