Art Summer Camp – Ages 4-5 and 6-7, Hockessin DE

2018 Class Schedule and Descriptions

Your child (age 4-7) can take morning classes (9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.), afternoon classes (12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) or stay all day, taking both classes.   Although class names may be identical for both age groups, the content is adjusted to be age appropriate.  Some of the differences are noted in the descriptions for each age group below.

Have older children?  See the Class Schedule and Descriptions for 2018 Summer Camp for Ages 8-10 and Ages 11-14

Summer Camp Classes: Week 1 (June 11 to 15)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning A Viking Adventure Look No Brushes!
Afternoon Look No Brushes! A Viking Adventure


Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Explorers, Warriors, Traders, Craftsmen! Vikings! Travel back in time to the days of the Vikings! Listen to books about Norse Mythology and Vikings, learn where they lived, the culture, and the myths that surround them. Create a mixed media ygdrassil masterpiece and design a long boat collage on stormy seas. Discover clothing and gear that Vikings wore, design a personalized mask to wear and a Viking helmet too! Who knew it was so much fun to be a time traveler?


Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Explorers, Warriors, Traders, Craftsmen! Vikings! Travel back in time to the days of the Vikings! Listen to books about Norse Mythology and Vikings, learn where they lived, the culture, and the myths that surround them. Create runes and try writing with these ancient symbols. Is is difficult? Print on papers and create a long boat collage on stormy seas. Discover clothing and gear that Vikings wore, design a personalized mask to wear and a Viking helmet too! Who knew it was so much fun to be a time traveler?


Instructor: Debbie Wilson

Toothpicks, pony tail holders, string! Spinning, spritzing, swirling! Paint masterpieces with everything but a brush! Paint with strings, plastic jars and even beans. Spin bottles and watch patterns appear, experiment with wax paper resists and shake a masterpiece while dancing away. Fling, sponge, splatter and stamp while having a ball! No brushes needed! Just painting clothes, an imagination and lots of smiles! Come join the fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 2 (June 18 to 22)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning CLASS IS FULL: Wild About Gardens It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
Afternoon It’s Raining Cats and Dogs CLASS IS FULL: Wild About Gardens


Instructor: Karen Snowe Johnson

Butterflies, lady bugs, birds! Roses, birch trees, worms! Experience the wonder of a garden habitat! Stroll through Gateway Garden Center to discover blooms of all colors, shapes and sizes. Listen to garden books like On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole and learn about gardens and the plants and creatures living there. Create a colorful garden collage from painted papers, print a garden flag, and watch the sun “paint” pictures. Design a wooden plaque featuring whimsical flowers and colorful Sculpey insects, make fern prints, paint a vibrant flower pot, and plant seeds and flowers. It’s going to be a fabulous week!


Instructor: Ellie Schwartz

Cats and dogs everywhere! Striped cats, multicolored dogs, cats with pink and purple tummies and dogs with dotted fur! What fun! Learn about the colorful dogs and cats of artists Romero Britto and Laurel Burch. Then paint a masterpiece using vibrant colors, lines, dots, and squiggles. Tear painted paper and text to create a dog collage and design a black glue and watercolor cat. Have fun scraping paint after reading Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton and sculpt a clay cat or dog to paint in wild and vibrant colors. It’s going to be an amazing, colorful week!


Summer Camp Classes: Week 3 (June 25 to June 29)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Sit Like A Frog Journey Around the World
Afternoon Journey Around the World Sit Like A Frog


Instructor: Andrea Comiez

Sit like a frog, breathe bubbles, and take a listening walk! Move, breathe and think in new and exciting ways…and… make beautiful art! Listen to books such as The Lemonade Hurricane by Licia Morelli, A Morning wih Grandpa by Sylvia Liu and The Other Way to Listen by Byrd Baylor. Practice a few yoga poses, breathe in amazing smells, listen to the sounds of silence and do the happy/sad shuffle to experience the surrounding world. Create mandalas, design balance structures from rocks, walk a labyrinth, and make breathing dragons and wands. Share new experiences with classmates and have fun at the same time!


Instructor: Jen Wojnar

Set off on an adventure to meet artists from around the world. Begin in North America and meet Romero Britto, an international artist born in Brazil and creating in Miami, Florida. Learn about his vividly colored art and create a watercolor “heart landscape” that would make him proud. Travel on to France and meet Monet and the water lilies he painted later in life. Squish hands into clay to create 3-D water lilies and paint in muted colors. Do they look like Monet’s? Next stop – Italy! Learn about Michelangelo and how he really painted the Sistine Chapel. Experiment with different and unusual ways to paint and create an original masterpiece. Lastly, visit Kandinsky in Russia and paint circles galore! Design an abstract tree with Kandinsky inspired circles adorning the branches and make a surprise gift for others wanting to learn about his colorful circles. Head back to Art First and survey the masterpieces. “Traveling” is so much fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 4 (July 2,3,5,6)

Note: This is a 4 day week.

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Under the Sea 3-D With A Twist
Afternoon 3-D With A Twist Under the Sea


Instructor: Rachel Tallant

Dive into the water, touch waving seaweed and float past a lazy turtle! Spend the week getting to know the creatures that call the sea home. Listen to books such as Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins and get to know the creatures of the deep. Use painted paper and printing tools to create an underwater collage brimming with brightly colored fish, sand, shells, seaweed, and maybe a shark! Learn about warm and cool colors while painting a jellyfish watercolor resist and paint a whimsical fish with mesmerizing twisty, twirly patterns. Stamp a puffer fish, play with clay, and mix up ocean slime. It’s going to be an underwater adventure!


Instructor: Ellie Schwartz

Stacks of wood! Bolts and washers! Coils of wire….and a Surprise! Create a 3-D masterpiece with a variety of materials. Learn about balance while building a class structure that soars to the sky. Can structures stand on a tiny base? What gives a structure strength? Then stack, twist, balance and glue materials to build a structure “headed to the sky”. Add pizazz to the creation using goodies from a surprise grab bag…no two alike! Who knows what’s inside! Finish off the piece with paint squiggles, dots and lines… and yes, even buttons, jewels, washers and wire. What fun!


Summer Camp Classes: Week 5 (July 9 to 13)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning CLASS IS FULL: Action! Art! Take Two! Games Galore!
Afternoon Games Galore! Action! Art! Take Two!


Instructor: Colleen Loughlin

Swing, Spin, Ride, Roll! Pound, Toss, Bounce, Squeeze! Get ready to move! Peddle fast to create an action canvas and dance away to smoosh a mystery masterpiece. Twirl a lazy susan and fashion colorful spin art, bounce slinkys high and low and aim at canvases with paint filled squirters. Draw with mouths and feet, shoot marbles through paint, design with walking paint bags, and become a pendulum to create swinging patterns. Who knew paint could be so much fun! Leave the best clothes at home. Wear old ones that appreciate paint. This week is going to be rip-roaring fabulous!


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Hopscotch, Checkers, Bowling! Games, Games, Games! Spend a fun-filled week making games that can be played with family and friends. Create tic tac toe games that can be played outside and in the car. Make a hopscotch game, fashion a magnetic fishing game, and plan and design an outdoor bowling game for hours of fun! Who’ll bowl a strike? Build a ring toss game, over-sized dominoes and even a checkerboard! Get those game faces on for a Friday full of games and fun!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 6 (July 16 to 20)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Music Jamboree Paddington Bear
Afternoon Paddington Bear Music Jamboree


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Xylophones! Drums! Flutes! Kazoos! Spend the week with music, instruments and fun! Play hand bells, triangles, rhythm sticks, percussion instruments and even a boomwhacker. Design and create jingle sticks, maracas, rainsticks, harmonicas and even an interactive instrument that chimes. Dance to music, create a class orchestra, dance on a keyboard and get lost in the world of music! Take home a box of homemade instruments to extend the musical adventure.


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Spend the week with the adorable bespectacled bear, Paddington. Curl up and listen to Paddington books to discover how he got to London and his favorite treat. Create a clay train like Paddington rode and watch it “chug” up a sponge-painted hill. Sculpt a clay bear and give it a floppy hat and paint with rain just like Paddington the artist. Draw number thirty-two Windsor Gardens, Paddington’s home, and create a unique flower pot that could adorn his garden. Tie dye socks just like Paddington dyed the laundry and make a bear mask for a clever disguise. Bring a favorite Paddington, or stuffed bear, on Friday to snuggle with and watch Paddington tales. What could be more fun than spending time with an adorable bear?

Summer Camp Classes: Week 7 (July 23 to 27)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning A Summer Halloween CLASS IS FULL: Autumn in July
Afternoon Autumn in July CLASS IS FULL:  A Summer Halloween


Instructor: Lianne Covington

Ghosts! Witches! Jack-o’-lanterns! Bats! Spend the week celebrating the sights, sounds and colors of Halloween. Smoosh paint to reveal a friendly ghost and create a wax relief spider web that Charlotte would love. Have fun painting silly witches’ legs, design a treat bag, and sculpt a clay owl overseeing the trick or treaters from his perch high in the trees. Conjure up a haunted house with gleaming windows full of spooky visitors and collage a toothy jack-o’lantern to light up the night. No worries! Art First Halloween creatures are friendly…there’s only fun here! Come join the adventure!*

* Campers may wear a friendly Halloween costume on Friday for Halloween fun. Please no gory costumes, guns or swords to spoil our festivities. Costumes will be stored in cubbies if paint appears.


Instructor: Margaret Vidumsky

Pumpkins and apples! Acorns, colored leaves, piles of hay! Grab a jacket and jump into this cool autumn season. Learn why leaves turn colors, what animals do in the fall, and how plants help them survive the coming winter. Do experiments, paint, collage, print and more. Create 3-D pumpkins and watercolor a crazy leaf masterpiece. Turn a burlap canvas into a scarecrow, collage a fall landscape and print with apples. Fall is such an exciting time!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 8 (July 30 to August 3)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning CLASS IS FULL: Mad Scientists’ Art Creations CLASS IS FULL: Beachballs, Sand and Sun
Afternoon Beachballs, Sand and Sun CLASS IS FULL: Mad Scientists’ Art Creations


Instructor: Natalie Ferry

Experiment with slime, discover how light behaves, and mix vibrant colors! Become scientists while also creating art. Explore the mysterious properties of oobleck. Is it a solid or a liquid? Read Batholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss and find out about a king’s magical mistake. Watch paint climb while creating a masterpiece, make exploding art and kinetic sand that changes colors. Shake up butter in a jar, have ice cube races, learn how salt affects ice, and make ice cream in a bag. Don’t forget old clothes. This is going to be crazy, messy fun!


Instructor: Holly Burnett

Sand, Sun, Surfboards, Shades! Come enjoy the fun during beach week! Sway to the rhythms of beach music while designing a beach collage of painted paper, sand, sea shells and more. Make a beach snow globe, play with sand and ocean slime and create black glue resist animals! Stuff all these in an beach tote painted in an original design. Wear swimsuits and sunscreen on Friday, bring a beach towel and hat, and bask in the warm weather, water and sun at our beach!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 9 (August 6 to 10)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Magical Creatures CLASS IS FULL: Clay Celebrations
Afternoon Clay Celebrations CLASS IS FULL: Magical Creatures


Instructor: Rachel Tallant

Stardust, magic wands, super hearing, shape shifting! Magical creatures come alive this week. Create a clay dragon with vibrant colors and a sparkling magic egg that shimmers. Collage a unicorn with a shimmering horn and build a 3-D imaginary creature. Give it a magical name…maybe even a wand. Paint whimsical creatures with magical powers and smoosh a fabulous creature with gigantic eyes. On Friday, don costumes and let the magic begin. No need to worry, Art First creatures are all friendly.


Instructor: Ellie Schwartz

Squish, pound, cut, roll! Discover the fun of clay! Learn basic clay techniques then roll a long snake and have a class competition. Design and “frost” a birthday cupcake out of air dry clay. Embellish it with beads and sequins. Don’t forget the funky candle. Create a Sculpey tie dye turtle with a colorful shell and make shimmering bugs out of Scupley Glow in the Dark clay. Use Model Magic® to create a swingin’ bird and learn to design clay beads with stripes, dots and squiggles. Have a bead swap and trade designs to create a unique necklace sporting colorful creations. Experiment with Incrediblefoam® dough and cut, twist, twirl, and create with Play Dough. Clay is incredible!

Summer Camp Classes: Week 10 (August 13 to 17)

Ages 4-5 Ages 6-7
Morning Lines and Color…WOW! Gon’ Fishin’
Afternoon Gon’ Fishin’ Lines and Color…WOW!


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Squiggly lines, swirly lines, zig zag and straight lines! Spend the week playing with lines. Read books about lines such as Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman and Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. Create scribble art and turn lines into shapes, dragons and even a shark! Paint lines with mark making tools, blow lines, and create a brilliant masterpiece out of…LINES! Lines rock!


Instructor: Diane Humphrys

Squiggle! Zig zag! Round and round! Spend the week playing with lines! Create a canvas wall hanging full of texture, color and pizazz! Paint lines – horizontal, vertical, diagonal and more – while listening to the symphonic sounds of Peter and the Wolf. Paint to the rhythm of the music and get lost in the creative process. Add vibrant color to the canvas with paint and add details with small brushes, pens and more. Embellish with pom poms, Sculpey beads, and hand stitching to set off the vibrant colors and patterns. Take home a wall hanging to enjoy for years to come!


Instructor: Staff

Dangle the fishing line and reel in a “whopper”! Spend the week immersed in fish! Stroll to Gateway Garden Center to discover the fish living there. Learn about fish, listen to fish books like The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and create a rainbow fish out of air dry clay. Paint an imaginary fish with brilliant colors. What’s it’s name? Create a fish collage, print a fish t-shirt, and learn how to make silly fish out of Sculpey clay. No lounging under a tree here. We’re catching fish all day long.

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